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What's the story?

I wasn’t exactly a smart, outgoing kid – the type parents parade in front of visitors as evidence of successful parenthood.

And I was sad, scared and worried that there was nothing likeable about me. Then Mama, a school teacher then, brought home a tonne of storybooks when schools closed. That saved my life by giving me one. And God, He picked me and never let go.

After every story I read, I felt home in the fictional world – I found friends who played with me (with my mind). We had the same fears and wishes, we rubbed our skins against each other – and pretended we were so cool the world had nothing on us.

My name is Vera Omwocha. I’m still getting used to using my husband’s name – Dinda 

I love words, and my husband.

I wish to travel to all the places I read in books and to write about them.

 I wish to read all the books I meet but that would mean I run out of money to live on.

I work with words for fun – and for a living. I’m a writer. An editor. A wife. A reader. A book reviewer. A teacher.

I studied Literature and I guess I’ll end up in class someday. In the meantime, I’m full-time on books – making them and reading those that have been made.

I YouTube School of Life and my husband loves lecturing me about philosophy.

Fun fact about me

I could easily do without a phone but civilization demands that I own one.

That wasn’t so ‘fun’ though, was it?


Here are samples of my writings and features:

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Get my E-book (Winner of the Tito Livio Award, 2018)

E-Book : The Crescent Moon

Use this YouTube video: My interview on Books and Blogs – KTN (See how I almost died from all the cameras :-))


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