Book Review: A Curve Of Darkness

Author: Munira Hussein

Price: Ksh. 500

To order: 0706503781

            This is poetry that oozes from the depths of the soul. And the words,  carefully chosen to evoke a cocktail of emotions; anger, sadness, happiness, humour and hope. 

             This is poetry like it has not been written before. They are vulnerability and they are strength. They are graceful. And they are power. And you wonder how words can be everything.

            They are a submission to the great cosmic power. 

        This anthology has hereby qualified to the list of Poetry I Swear By


          They are forgiveness for what what life is and has been;  

       Really, I can’t keep doing this. I guess you’ll have to read the anthology for yourself, won’t you? 

        This anthology will be launched on Saturday 20th at 5p.m. 

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