Title: ‘When Children Dare to Dream’

Author(s): Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, Kariuki wa Nyamu and children contributors.

Publisher: Babishai Niwe

Price: Kshs. 400= / Ushs. 15,000=

Reviewer: Wakini Kuria


 Imagine how cool it is sharing a by-line with your teacher!!!

‘When Children Dare to Dream’  is an anthology written and edited by Kariuki wa Nyamu  and Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva with children contributors as young as five years.

It is NOT your everyday occurrence, having children that young writing, leave alone being published. What were you doing at five years? (I didn’t know how to spell my name right, leave alone constructing a full sentence.)

This is a first for me and I confess to being awed by the young poets and their teachers for actualizing an anthology born out of a conversation.

Why wasn’t l dared at that tender age? Why isn’t anyone daring me right now?

The story  ‘Where will Senji Live?’ by Beverley keeps you glued, yearning for more. She successfully creates suspense by breaking the story into three parts, cleverly inserting poems in between separating one part from the next.

Senji is a name given to a red tailed monkey living in Mabira forest by a primary five pupil called Emmanuel from Kampala.

Consisting of only 50 pages, it’s a one-sitting read of pure poetic sweetness for young readers. It has been launched in Kenya, Uganda and China. It features stories for children of all ages, but targeting the tender ages of 6-9 years written in simple English.

(A young reader enjoying the book)

Everything about this book is simply cool. From the full colour images, friendly font, writing style, short easy-to-remember poems and the golden message of forest protection and conservation!

Serving both the urban and rural kids, the book is an excellent campaigner for wildlife and forest conservation. The Mabira forest conservation story coincidentally falls at a time that, Kenya is in desperate need to saving Mt. Kenya and Kinari forests from destructive logging following a public outcry.

Having children take part in such a noble cause, cements in them their (children) role and importance in decision-making in the society thereby implanting the sense of responsibility towards guarding and using of natural resources.

To the parents and guardians, make a trip down memory lane. Remember your childhood experiences with nostalgia. Relive those sweet memories by grabbing this book.

It is also a fun book with a word puzzle at the back. I dare you to dare your children (and yourself) to read this book. To the pet lovers, make this your pet book!