Author: Boniface Sagini

Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) LTD

Price: Ksh. 500 350

Extent: 90 pages

Reviewer: Verah Omwocha

Available at: Amazon, Mystery book store and Createspace

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“Just how bad is your life?”

Okay, you are going to fumble with that. “How good is your life?”

If you are reading this, you are alive. At least you are alive. It can be worse…

In Thrills and Chills, Boniface weaves anecdotes of his life, random happenings across the world and statistics on such things as suicide. He comes up with a play card: Your life is not as bad as you think it is.

From the chills that life presents – pain, suffering, despair – to the discovery that ‘life is not so bad after all’, Boniface shakes up your life and puts you on a weighing scale. He forces you out of your mundane complaints like the sun is too hot or that your eyebrows do not match.

This is not the normal motivational book you are likely to archive somewhere to read in 2063 after retirement. It is a manual at 20, at 30, or at 70; an every day guide through the rough patches that everyone walks through at whatever age.

A beautifully woven book, Thrills and Chills offers a fresh acuity of life’s trials and tribulations. It will literally lift you out of your own self-created (or perhaps not) dungeon to the skies above.  The most amazing part of it is that it journeys you through life with hope, and makes you appreciate the littlest of gifts.

(‘Thrills and Chills’ Book Launch)

I cannot come around the fact that Sagini started writing this book while in secondary school! “I’m a fledgling young person full of dreams and wild expectations. I have nineteen-year experience at life”, he mentions in the introduction. First time I read this book, I thought it a little exaggerated that it was truly from a Nineteen-year-old then. Knowing Sagini now, I can vouch for the intelligent young man.

It is one thing to write a book at nineteen and another to write a good book at Nineteen. Sagini did both.

This book is totally worth your time.

Quotes from the book

Take life a little more gladly, every disappointment a little more lightly, every heartache a little more positively and you have a little more days to live.

Pain is not a vicious, malicious plot by a vengeful god as some will have to say. It is a process of growth. It is the precursor of possibly constructive change that we need to embrace.

But just because you are feeling hungry, just because you are heartbroken today does not mean your life is that bad. It is just a bad day not a bad life.

Talking out is a great remedy. It can prevent death, misjudgment and wrong choices and more.

Life’s really short. Time flies really fast. Yet we keep wasting it in trivial, petty stuff like holding grudges, ruminating on negative thoughts, plotting dirty schemes.

We don’t see how much blessed we are-quite often. We think of blessings as some things synonymous with money and material stuff.

In the end, there are no ‘losers’ with God.

Some winners just take longer to develop!


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