Q. How do you acquire books? Do you have a budget?

Some I have been gifted, borrowed  or bought on impulse. I’ve never had a budget for books.

Q.  How do you select which books to buy?

I read any kinds of books,as long as they fascinate my mind. I am more inclined to books on poetry, motivation, psychology and  self growth. Lately, I have found new love on spiritual books.

(Part of Sheila’s library)

Q. Do you lend out books? Which one(s) would you never give out?

I used to lend out my books alot and I lost a number of them along the way, so I am careful on whom to lend the books to. Most of the times I do more of exchange.

I would never give out my psychology books; it would hurt me to lose them as I mostly use them for my profession as well.


Q.  What is your reading culture like?

I always try to read at least 30 minutes before getting to bed, but mostly I just read at anytime or anywhere. It’s amazing that we can now carry  books in our phones. This has helped me develop the habit of reading; whenever I am travelling- short or long distance –  i just read.

Q. How has being a reader impacted you?

Reading helps one become knowledgable and a better conversationalist.

It is the best way to pass time whenI  have nothing to do, or even at night when I can’t sleep.
The spiritual and motivational books have helped me view life and circumstances from a whole new perspective and with an open mindset. I am more positive with life now.
I have gained alot of knowledge from books that I believe I would not have gained if I never read.
Poetry books have helped me improve my poetry writing.

Q. What are your books/library goals?

I plan on budgeting for at least 2 books per month and getting a serious bookshelf for them.